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Carbonated fruit-flavoured soft drink Fanta is a key pillar of The Coca-Cola Company's international portfolio. Although dwarfed by headline brand Coke, it is nevertheless a megabrand in its own right, with worldwide retail sales estimated at more than $12bn. It is the company's #2 best-selling carbonated soft drink worldwide after the Coke family, available in almost 200 different markets, but most popular in Latin America and Europe. Though best-known for its original orange flavour, Fanta is also available in a huge variety of almost 80 other forms including lemon, grape, apple, strawberry, and many others. Fanta was actually invented in Germany during World War II when the company's local bottler was prohibited from importing Coca-Cola syrup. To keep the business running, its owner invented a new drink from left-over fruit pressings under the name Fanta. It was discontinued in 1945, but Coke bought the name and concept during the 1950s and relaunched it to dissuade European bottlers from signing up with arch-rival Pepsi. One of the few markets where it didn't immediately find an audience was the US. Traditionally, orange-flavoured drinks have never proved popular with American consumers because of the wider availability of fresh orange juice. However, Fanta was relaunched in 2001 and US volumes grew substantially over the rest of the decade, especially within Hispanic communities. US sales peaked at around 194m cases in 2014, but have fallen off since then. Debra Origel is associate brand manager for Fanta & flavored sparkling beverages in the US. Caroline Kraft is senior brand manager for Fanta across Western Europe. In the UK, Fanta is Coca-Cola's #2 drink, and the #3 carbonated beverage overall, with combined sales across its various versions of £196m in 2018.

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Who are the competitors of Fanta? Fanta's main international competitors in carbonated fruit-flavoured beverages are Pepsico's Mirinda, Suntory's Orangina and Britvic's Tango. In the US, competitors are Pepsico's Tropicana Twister, and Keurig Dr Pepper's's Sunkist. See Non Alcoholic Beverages Sector index for other companies

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Adbrands Daily Update 6th March 2020: "Idiots Are Amazing". There's a bold new marketing strategy for Coca-Cola's Fanta in Europe, courtesy of newly appointed 72andSunny Amsterdam. Gone - thank heavens! - is the grim "yoof" angle the brand has been pursuing for the past decade in most markets in favour of a quirkier millennials approach. Here's the anthem ad, which has also been carved up into separate individual segments. What's most pleasing about the concept is that it recognises the absurdity of stupid social media stunts, but also acknowledges just how compelling they are, and how hard to resist. Why not be an idiot from time to time? Life's too short not to.

Adbrands Social Media 28th May 2019: "Battle of the Flavours". European advertising for Coca-Cola's Fanta brand has been dominated over the past few years by a horrendous campaign in which, supposedly, "teens take over Fanta's marketing". It's a toe-curlingly, teeth-grindingly awful campaign, translated into a gazillion different European advertising for blanket coverage. So what a breath of fresh air to find that McCann Madrid have now finally been allowed to do something completely different. In a big nod towards 'Game of Thrones', Fanta's new flavours go to war with one another to claim ultimate supremacy. Very cute, with a few nice sight gags.

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