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Nestlé is serious about being the world's leading food company: it wants to be #1 in pet food too, with brands including Purina, Friskies, Felix and Alpo. In 2000 the group announced the acquisition of Ralston Purina, America's foremost pet food business. Once a mammoth conglomerate with interests ranging from pet food and grocery products to batteries and ice hockey, Ralston Purina had undergone a gradual dismantling since the late 1980s. Merged with Nestlé's existing Friskies business to form Nestlé Purina, the company now sits behind Mars in global cat and dog food, but is the clear leader in the US. It is also now a major force within Nestlé, generating around 12% of group sales and 15% of profits. 

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Carbonated fruit-flavoured soft drink Fanta is a key pillar of The Coca-Cola Company's international portfolio. Although dwarfed by headline brand Coke, it is nevertheless a megabrand in its own right, with worldwide retail sales estimated at more than $12bn. It is the company's #2 best-selling carbonated soft drink worldwide after the Coke family, available in almost 200 different markets. Its brand message, reinforced by its first ever fully global campaign in 2011, is that Fanta represents fun. "More Fanta. Less Serious".  

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