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FCB Health - now back to its pre-2006 name after a period as Draftfcb HealthCare - is the specialist network within FCB Group handling pharmaceutical and healthcare clients. The main agency is traditionally partnered by secondary units Area23 and Neon as well as a collection of more specialised businesses. In 2015, FCB Health also absorbed sister group ICC Lowe, previously part of Lowe & Partners. The ICC Lowe brand has been gradually phased out

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Adbrands Weekly Update 14th Jan 2016: Interpublic continued to consolidate its specialist FCB Health marketing network following the absorption of the old ICC Lowe Healthcare group last year. Now two of that network's standalone US units, ICC and Pace, are to merge under the new name of Cure. It will carry the tagline "an FCB Health company", as will the third of ICC Lowe's three main units Trio.

Adbrands Weekly Update 5th Mar 2015: Interpublic announced the consolidation of its two smaller healthcare marketing businesses as a single unit. Management responsibility for ICC Lowe, previously part of the Lowe & Partners group, is to transfer to larger sibling FCB Health. ICC Lowe's long-serving CEO Steve Viviano will depart after an initial integration period, but the three main units of ICC Lowe will continue to trade as separately branded agencies, at least for the time being, under the oversight of FCB Health CEO Dana Maiman. "More and more, we're seeing healthcare business contested at the holding company level," said Interpublic CEO Michael Roth, "with clients looking for truly comprehensive global solutions. We believe there is a real opportunity in focusing our healthcare marketing investment behind two strong global networks, McCann Health and FCB Health." 

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