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Frito-Lay is the world's leading manufacturer of salty snacks, with a vast collection of potato, corn and tortilla chip, snack nut and other brands including Lay's, Fritos, Doritos, Ruffles and Cheetos. There is also a joint venture with Strauss to market Sabra dips. That's just in the US; internationally, those US brands are partnered by Walkers in the UK, Sabritas of Mexico (as well as Gamesa, the local market leader in cookies), Matutano in Portugal and Spain, Smith's Crisps in Australia, Elma Chips in Brazil, Pehuamar snacks in Argentina and many more. The group holds the leading position in savoury snack foods in more than 30 countries, including all the biggest global markets. Lay's alone has more than 45% share of the US potato chip market and total retail sales in excess of $10bn; Doritos adds another $5bn. According to Kantar's annual Brand Footprint report, Lay's is the world's 4th most purchased product globally, with more than 2.6bn consumer "reach points" (effectively purchase selections) a year, and a global penetration into more than 30% of the world's households. Frito-Lay is a global division of PepsiCo, forming a very suitable accompaniment to that group's international portfolio of soft drinks. In recent years, the group has taken several steps to improve the nutritional content of its products, and has also begun to broaden its range beyond potato, corn and tortilla chips into whole grain and even fruit and nut-based snacks. It has also launched its own direct-to-consumer ecommerce offering at Frito-Lay has its own separate management structure in the US & Canada, but elsewhere operations are mostly decentralised to local PepsiCo management in each country. Steven Williams is CEO of PepsiCo Foods North America (which comprises both Frito-Lay and also Quaker Foods); Jennifer Saenz - a former chief marketing officer of Frito-Lay North America - is president, global foods. North America is the only region where PepsiCo breaks out financials for Frito-Lay. Revenues hit a new high of $19.6bn in 2021 or 25% of group sales. Operating profit was $5.6bn, or 44% of PepsiCo's group total. Globally, snacks (including Quaker brands) account for 55% of group sales, or a combined total of almost $44bn.

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Marketer Moves 22nd Jun 2022: New CMO & chief customer officer at Frito-Lay. See Marketer Moves (members only).

Adbrands Daily Update 25th Sep 2020: "Doritos Wasabi". You'd never think it but this absolutely pitch-perfect ad for Wasabi-flavoured Doritos was made by Brazil's Almap BBDO agency and is designed specifically for the local market not Japan. Though most of the team behind the ad were native Brazilian, Almap sought advice on authenticity from Japanese-born intepreter Harriete Arakawa and creative consultants Gabriela and Thalita Zukeram of Two Lost Kids. The result is an affectionate homage to the land of the rising sun, in which virtually every delightfully idiosyncratic quirk of Japanese advertising and culture is present and correct.

Adbrands Daily Update 28th Jan 2020: "Can't Touch This". Lo and behold, the Super Bowl floodgates have opened today, and about time too. Usually there are big game ads floating around a couple of weeks before kick-off; it's been much later this year. There are too many ads to relay separately but you'll find the best of the other new arrivals on their respective pages at Adbrands. Be sure to check out the spot for Hershey's Take 5 from McGarryBowen and Google's charming ode to a beautiful marriage. However, we were especially tickled by this absurd spot for Frito-Lay's finger-dusting Cheetos brand. The snack's pervasive red sprinkle is so well-known it even has its own name: cheetle. A round of applause for whichever bright spark at agency Goodby Silverstein had the bright idea of connecting it to MC Hammer's 1990 classic 'U Can't Touch This'.

Adbrands Daily Update 27th Aug 2019: "Logo Goes Here". A bold experiment here from Goodby Silverstein for PepsiCo's Doritos brand. For its new campaign, which launched this weekend on MTV's VMA awards event, PepsiCo has dropped the Doritos name from all branding and marketing (and packaging?) for that semi-iconic product. Presumably for a limited time only. Even the website has been rebranded as, and contains no reference to the D-word. The idea is to appeal to Generation Z consumers who - supposedly - reject traditional advertising gimmicks. Naomi Klein would be so proud. Or would she? Because of course, this is actually the ultimate brand statement rather than the absence of branding. It's still a gimmick. The ad may not carry the Doritos name, but it's all about that brand, not about generic corn chips in their abstract form. And that triangle device is almost as recognisable, especially in the US, as Nike's Swoosh, arguably the original brandless brand. Even so, it will be interesting to see how long PepsiCo can hold its nerve before the name comes thundering back into full display.

Adbrands Weekly Update 7th April 2016: PepsiCo reshuffled senior managers in the wake of Tom Greco's resignation as CEO of Frito-Lay North America to lead retailer Advance Auto Parts. His predecessor at Frito-Lay, Al Carey, currently CEO North America Beverages, will take back supervision of the business in addition to his current duties, with a wider role as CEO, PepsiCo North America. Vivek Sankaran, previously COO, becomes president & COO, Frito-Lay North America, while Kirk Tanner moves up to president & COO, North America Beverages.

Adbrands Weekly Update 3rd Mar 2016: PepsiCo named Jennifer Saenz as the new SVP & chief marketing officer for global snacks business Frito-Lay. She succeeds Ram Krishnan who is moving up to a group role as general manager of the PepsiCo Walmart account. Saenz was previously VP, innovation at Frito-Lay.

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