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GlobalHue was best known as America's leading multicultural advertising specialist, but with help from key client Chrysler it began to position itself in the 2010s as a general market agency rather than a niche "ethnic" shop. However, the agency parted ways with Chrysler in 2015, and several key staff left soon afterwards. There were reports in June 2016 that the agency had suspended operations and that employees had not been paid. The agency effectively closed its doors later that year. Until recently Globalhue was the only major agency to offer marketing services targeting the three main racial groups of African-American, Hispanic and Asian under a single roof. 

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Adbrands Weekly Update 18th Aug 2016: The New York Post newspaper reported on the apparent meltdown of one-time multicultural marketing pioneer GlobalHue. Ten staff members joined a class action suit this week against the agency and its founder Don Coleman, having not been paid since at least March this year. This fact was previously reported by industry blog AgencySpy. At that time, Coleman said he was in the process of finalising further investment to settle all the company's debts. However, that funding doesn't seem to have materialised and the employees remain unpaid. Coleman told AgencySpy this week that he is "evaluating [the] situation and will comment upon conclusion". He is also facing two other lawsuits, one from his former driver, and the other from the landlord of GlobalHue's New York office for breaking its lease. That outpost is to close following the loss of the Walmart account to Publicis.

Adbrands Weekly Update 3rd Feb 2014: Ads Of The Week: "America's Import". After long consideration, we're going to select GlobalHue's extended film for Chrysler as our pick of best ad of the game by a very narrow margin. The word on many advertisers' lips this year (and indeed every Super Bowl) was of course AMERICA, but while the sentimental patriotism of some ads came over as mawkish to this particular (non-American) critic, Chrysler's take somehow doesn't stick in the teeth the way Coca-Cola's or Budweiser's did. (Speaking of Budweiser, we wonder how many US viewers did a double take at Chrysler's line "let Germany brew your beer"...) Similarly, we're no great fans of Bob Dylan, but his unexpected appearance as spokesman extended Chrysler's impressive track record in selecting highly unorthodox ambassadors, following in the footsteps of Eminem, Clint Eastwood and even Motown's Berry Gordy. He does a fine job of it too. All in all, a classy production.

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