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Goodby Silverstein & Partners has basked for more than 37 years in the general adulation of its peers. Arguably no other US agency has been so consistently admired for so long, but the partners themselves are determined to keep their shop small and laid-back. As a result, unlike equally admired agencies such as Wieden & Kennedy, for example, Goodby Silverstein has resisted the temptation to expand its footprint with offices in other countries or even much beyond its home city of San Francisco. In a rare exception, a small outpost was recently re-established in New York. (An earlier incarnation was open from 2012 until 2015). Luckily, parent group Omnicom agrees with Goodby's strategy, and this creatively led agency retains standalone status within the marketing giant's portfolio, allowed very much to go its own way, producing ads under a guiding philosophy which it describes as "art serving capitalism". Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein founded the business in 1983, originally as Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein. Third partner Andy Berlin departed in 1992, the same year Omnicom acquired the business. The two co-founders remain co-chairmen, still closely involved with day-to-day business. Margaret Johnson is the agency's long-serving chief creative officer (and was named AdAge executive of the year in 2018); Derek Robson is president. AdAge estimated revenues of $143m in 2019.

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Adbrands Daily Update 20th May 2020: "Learn To Ride Again". It must be a sign of something that, for the first time in two months, four consecutive Adbrands ad of the week picks are new commercials, not classics from the archive. This must be the beginning of the end (of the beginning?). Goodby Silverstein's spot for ebike manufacturer Specialized is as turbo-charged as the bikes themselves, exploiting the limitations of lockdown to fine use. We'd bet none of this footage was filmed specially for the ad, just well-chosen from existing resources. Stock libraries must be having a whale of a time just now, along with top-notch film editors. Welcome to the *new* new normal.

Adbrands Daily Update 7th Feb 2020: "Creativity For All". Goodby Silverstein's Adobe ad, due to air during the Oscars telecast on Sunday, is almost brilliant. We have no problem at all with the fact that it's a few months old (first debuted at the Adobe Max conference last November); nor with the fact that it's a clever mash-up of existing graphic work from a whole host of different contributors. As a result, current hot influencer properties including Billie Eilish and Malala Yousafzai make cameo appearances. Each of the individual artworks is a stunner, and the illustration of how they were created is fascinating. No, our problem is something else entirely: if we hear Gene Wilder singing 'Pure Imagination' over an ad just one more time, we're going to explode. This has to be the most over-used soundtrack song of all time, regularly trotted out three or four times a year by different advertisers. Guys, next time, how about using a bit of that celebrated imagination to come up with a different piece of inspirational music.

Adbrands Daily Update 28th Jan 2020: "Can't Touch This". Lo and behold, the Super Bowl floodgates have opened today, and about time too. Usually there are big game ads floating around a couple of weeks before kick-off; it's been much later this year. There are too many ads to relay separately but you'll find the best of the other new arrivals on their respective pages at Adbrands. Be sure to check out the spot for Hershey's Take 5 from McGarryBowen and Google's charming ode to a beautiful marriage. However, we were especially tickled by this absurd spot for Frito-Lay's finger-dusting Cheetos brand. The snack's pervasive red sprinkle is so well-known it even has its own name: cheetle. A round of applause for whichever bright spark at agency Goodby Silverstein had the bright idea of connecting it to MC Hammer's 1990 classic 'U Can't Touch This'.

Adbrands Daily Update 28th Nov 2019: "A Holiday Reunion". One of the advantages for UK satellite broadcaster Sky of being owned by a colossus like US cable and entertainment giant Comcast is that you get to use your sister companies' hand-me-down Christmas ads. You also get to borrow your parent group's character licenses too, and all presumably at lower than market prices. Which would explain the appearance of a certain cuddly space alien, courtesy of Universal Studios, in a cutdown version of the extravagant seasonal special for US cable service Xfinity. All parts of the Comcast family. Goodby Silverstein's ad is a bit heavy on the cute, but seriously, who wouldn't love to see ET and Elliot being reunited for the first time in 40 years? And, yes, that really is Elliot actor Henry Thomas all grown up.

Adbrands Daily Update 13th Nov 2019: "Print The Holidays". HP has really been on a hot streak over the past few weeks. Here's our third pick from HP in three weeks, this time featuring the handiwork of endlessly experimental director Michel Gondry, for agency Goodby Silverstein. He's back on HP's case again for the first time in more than a decade: back in 2007 he was also in front of the camera for them as one of the stars of the "The Computer is Personal Again" campaign alongside Serena Williams, Jay-Z, Pharrell and Apprentice producer Mark Burnett. This time, he's reimagined the 12 Days of Christmas for HP printers, in his own inimitable style, combining live action and hand-made stop motion.

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