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Gravity - previously Gravity Media - was a full-service multicultural agency which focuses on more specialised segments of the traditional multi-racial market than the mainstream Hispanic and African-American communities. Though sometimes classified as an Asian-American specialist, it actually tends to target even narrower bands of cultural heritage, for example, Indian, Middle Eastern and Russian. It operates offices in New York and London. It is a unit of Findr Group, a diversified marketing services group originally co-founded in 2009 by Ukrainian-born entrepreneur Yuriy Boykiv, who in his previous job as international business director at DirecTV had been responsible for selling satellite subscriptions to immigrant families living in the US. He indentified a major flaw in DirecTV's pitch as being that no differentialtion was made between different types of, for example, Asian customers: Indian, Korean and Chinese were all treated as one. With that cultural differentiation as its guiding methodology, Gravity grew quickly, and the business was acquired at the end of 2016 by Dentsu Aegis Network. Gravity and its sister agencies Findr (mainly media and social) and Triomphant (PR and public affairs) continued to operate as a semi-autonomous entity within the wider DAN group. During 4Q 2019, Dentsu announced the merger of Gravity and its constituent parts into the group's expanding dentsu x media operation. Yuriy Boykiv will continue to lead the merged business.

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Adbrands Daily Update 14th Oct 2019: The expansion of Dentsu's youngest media brand, dentsu x, continued apace. The existing US outpost of the fledgling network has absorbed minority cultural and specialist media agency Gravity, acquired by the parent group in 2016. Gravity's founder and CEO Yuriy Boykiv was named as CEO of the combined entity. Doug Ray, chairman of DAN media said "We are building a new kind of media agency, one that leverages not only media, data and analytics, but also cultural and content expertise, to create more effective consumer experiences. Dentsu X has been on the forefront of leveraging [data and precision marketing since inception], enabling true, people-based marketing for its clients. Combining this with the influx of talent and capability from Gravity under the leadership of Yuriy Boykiv, makes for an even more exciting agency proposition in the US. I look forward to all of the success to come."

Adbrands Weekly Update 17th Nov 2016: Dentsu Aegis Network's shopping spree continued with the acquisition of Gravity Media, the New York multicultural agency founded and run by Yuriy Boykiv. The deal also covers Gravity's parent entity Findr Group which also owns two digital marketing and social media units. Boykiv will continue to run the business, reporting to DAN US CEO Rob Horler.

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