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Hanesbrands is the world's leading manufacturer of branded "innerwear", the collective term for underwear, t-shirts and intimates. Its substantial portfolio of owned brands includes Hanes, Playtex and L'Eggs underwear as well as Champion athletic apparel, and it manufactures underwear under license for Ralph Lauren. It added US rival Maidenform to its collection in 2013 for $575m. The business was formed in 2006 from the spin-off to shareholders of the branded apparel division of Sara Lee Corporation. It is one of the world's biggest branded clothing companies, producing a huge variety of men's, women's and children's intimates, underwear, sportswear and legwear. In its main market of the US, it is the overall #1 in men's and children's underwear and in hosiery, and the #2 in women's underwear. Hanes is itself alone the top-selling apparel brand in America by unit volumes, present in 90% of US homes, and a leader in product innovation. In 2002, for example, Hanes was the first manufacturer to introduce "tagless" t-shirts, with the label printed directly onto the inside of the shirt to avoid an itchy tag, a concept widely copied by other companies. Champion is the group's #2 brand. In 2014 Hanes re-established a presence in Europe, buying back lingerie brand Dim and local rights to the Wonderbra and Playtex brands, which had been spun off separately by Sara Lee almost a decade earlier. It established a similarly strong presence in Australia with the acquisition of local icons Bonds and Berlei (in Australia only) in 2016. Gerald Evans is group CEO, but is set to retire at the end of 2020. Revenues reached a record high of just under $7.0bn in 2019, with net income of $601m. Just under two-thirds of sales are generated in the US. Walmart and Target combined account for a quarter of all sales.

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Who are the competitors of Hanesbrands? Main competitors include Fruit of the Loom, L Brands and Gap in underwear and activewear, as well as Jockey International, Gildan, Triumph International and Calzedonia; and Nike and Adidas in sportswear. See Fashion Sector index for other companies

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Adbrands Social Media 30th Jul 2018: Australian underwear icon Bonds continues to boldly go where few ads have gone before (with apologies to James T Kirk). Being owned by US giant Hanes has done nothing to curb the brand's more adventurous streak; this gorgeous new campaign from Leo Burnett features a tribe of Amazonian warrior women getting down to business in the bush, while also - nonchalantly, even - notching up another taboo-busting victory on behalf of feminine body hair. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 31st Aug 2017: Ads of the Week "Womankind". Admittedly we don't require much persuasion to run lingerie ads provided they have artistic merit, but this entertaining debut campaign from Australia's The Monkeys for Hanesbrands' Berlei has universal appeal. Informative, too, especially for men, who have no idea of the pain and suffering involved in selecting the right type of bra for different occasions. Buying underpants is really so much easier...

Adbrands Weekly Update 16th Jun 2016: Underwear giant Hanesbrands announced a management succession. Richard Noll, CEO since the business was spun out of Sara Lee Corp a decade ago, will become executive chairman towards the end of the year. He will be succeeded as CEO by current COO Gerald Evans.

Adbrands Weekly Update 5th May 2016: US underwear giant Hanes is to acquire its Australian counterpart Pacific Brands in a deal worth around $800m. The target company currently manages a variety of different businesses, but it is best-known for underwear. Its Bonds brand is an Australian icon, as much of a household name down under as Hanes is in the US. Pacific also owns the Berlei lingerie brand - another Australian icon - and produces premium-priced sheets, linen and towels under the Sheridan banner. Two other businesses of Dunlop-branded flooring and Tontines pillows will be divested.

Adbrands Weekly Update 26th Jun 2014: Hanesbrands announced a return to Europe with the €400m acquisition of DB Apparel, the leading European lingerie company, and owner of the Dim and Nur Die brands as well as the local licenses for Wonderbra and Playtex. Hanes and what is now DB Apparel were both part of the old Sara Lee Corporation until 2006, when the European brands were spun out and sold to private equity firm Sun Capital Partners. DB Apparel generates sales of around €730m a year, half of that sum from the Dim brand alone. The key benefit to Hanes would be a wider global footprint - currently only around 11% of revenues come from outside the US - as well as global ownership of the Wonderbra and Playtex brands, which it already controls in the US and Asia.

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