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Harte Hanks is a leading US-based specialist marketing services group. It has 8 offices across the US, as well as a small presence in the UK, continental Europe and the Philippines. Although it offers a broad range of services, its main offerings are data collection and management, telemarketing, fulfillment mailing and email marketing, especially on the B2B side of the business. Satellite marketing services units Mason Zimbler and The Agency Inside were merged into the main business in 2014. Marketing consultancy Aleutian was acquired in 2016; the following year a strategic alliance was formed with IT consultancy Wipro to offer joint marketing technology services to clients. For several years previously, Harte-Hanks had marketed its own proprietary CRM software system under the name Trillium. That business was sold in 2016. Also until recently the company was a leading publisher of advertising and coupon free-sheets in California and Florida. That division was sold in 2013 after performance crashed in the 2008 recession. Partly as a result, group revenues have been in steady decline since peaking in 2000 at a high of $660m. In 2019 alone, revenues fell by almost a quarter to a multi-year low of $218m in 2019, with a net loss of $26.3m. As part of a complete overhaul of the senior management team that year, Andrew Benett, the former global CEO of Havas Creative and chief commercial officer of Bloomberg Media, was appointed as executive chairman & CEO in 2019. Founded in 1924, Harte-Hanks was originally a newspaper publisher which acquired a string of local papers in Texas and the US South West. It later moved into radio and TV, and then direct mail and data analysis, which gradually became the core of the group. The last of its TV and radio interests were sold off in 1997.

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