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Havas Health advertising & marketing assignments

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Havas group's healthcare marketing business has undergone a bewildering series of restructurings in recent years, with different units merged, spun out or rebranded, in some cases to avoid client conflicts, and then re-merged to reflect a rapidly evolving industry in which most diversified marketing agencies are being re-consolidated into their parent brand. Havas Health & You is the umbrella entity for a collection of separate healthcare marketing brands and associated satellites. Havas Life was traditionally the biggest of these, known until 2012 as Euro RSCG Life. Secondary network Health4Brands (or H4B) was spun out separately in 2009, and the newest addition to the fold was Havas Lynx, launched in 2012 around a UK-based unit acquired by the group. In 2017, consumer healthcare units within the main Havas Creative Group were also absorbed into the expanded Havas Health & You grouping. However further changes are ongoing. In New York, the local outposts of Havas Life and Havas Lynx were merged in 2018 to form what is now Havas Health Plus, and the Havas Life brand was significantly downgraded over the following months. Havas Tonic is another wellness agency, working out of the main Havas office in New York, while Havas Mango was launched in Miami in 2020. A few international offices remain, along with the UK office of Havas Lynx, named as Healthcare Agency of the Year in 2018 at the Cannes Lions Festival. However for the most part, the healthcare units of the larger group are gradually being consolidated with their non-healthcare siblings under the global Havas Village concept. Donna Murphy is global CEO of Havas Health & You. Advertising Age estimated combined global revenues of $520m in 2020, including $303m in the US.

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