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Jack Morton Worldwide is a leading global event management or "experiential marketing" company, now owned by Interpublic. Although it offers a full range of brand experience disciplines, large and small, for brands and traditional marketers, Jack Morton has also developed a particular reputation for managing spectacular public events, not least opening and closing ceremonies for past Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games and the FIFA World Cup. It even managed the public celebrations of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011. A specialist division of the company produces and designs "broadcast environments": studio sets for news, sports and talk shows. Digital marketing agency Genuine was acquired in 2014. There are now seven Jack Morton offices in the US, and six more across the Asia Pacific region, as well as outposts in London, Duesseldorf, Munich and Dubai. Advertising Age estimated revenues of $136m for 2019. Josh McCall is chairman & CEO. The business was founded in Washington, DC in 1939 by Irvin "Jack" Morton, and originally made its name organising after-dinner entertainment for corporate events. Later Morton diversified into exhibitions and event production. Morton's son Bill became CEO in 1977 and established the firm as one of North America's leading corporate communications companies by the mid-1990s. It was acquired in 1998 by Interpublic, who built an international presence for the business with the acquisition of UK-based Creation Communications and Caribiner International.

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