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Johannes Leonardo is a creative boutique based in New York. It was established in 2007 by creative directors Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico, the Johannes and Leonardo respectively of the company's name. The pair had previously worked together at Saatchi & Saatchi, first in London, and subsequently in New York, where they created the wildly popular "Talking Stain" ad for P&G's Tide detergent, winner of a Cannes Grand Prix the same year they jumped ship to set up their own shop. WPP provided initial funding for the agency via a 49% shareholding, which it retains, but the shop operates as a standalone unit within the group. Jacobs and Premutico remain in situ as joint chief creative officers, alongside creative partner Ferdinando Verderi and president Bryan Yasko. The agency has chosen to remain small, with a compact roster of clients, of whom the most important by some degree is Adidias Originals for whom it has developed a series of high-profile campaigns. The agency claimed revenues of $26m in 2017, almost double the year before. Adbrands does not currently offer a business profile for Johannes Leonardo but subscribers may access account assignments and contact information for the agency. The searchable account assignments database is available to full subscribers to premium services. Click here to access Adbrands account assignments (subscribers only); or see here for information on how to subscribe.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 17th Aug 2017: Ads of the Week: "Original is Never Finished 3". Johannes Leonardo signed up a new team of innovators (well, ok, innovators and also Kendall Jenner) to reprise its Original Is Never Finished concept for Adidas. Having already featured both this campaign's predecessors here, we were tempted to overlook the third outing, but the sheer visual brilliance of the film can't and shouldn't be ignored. Not even the bits with Kendall Jenner. Also featured: basketball star James Harden, and rappers 21 Savage, Young Thug and Playboi Carti.

Adbrands Weekly Update 18th Jan 2017: Ads of the Week: "Original Is Never Finished". Adidas is really pushing the boat out right now, with a string of new campaigns flooding in from every corner of the globe. Here's a powerful entry for the US market from Johannes Leonardo, for the Adidas Originals streetwear range. It calls upon Snoop Dogg, Stormzy and a host of the brand's other urban culture endorsement partners to lend their cred. Frank Sinatra may not have been directly invited but he got roped in regardless. We've had reservations about some of Nike's recent campaigns but Adidas is - to quote Mugatu - really hot right now

Adbrands Weekly Update 28th Jan 2016: Ads of the Week: "Your Future Is Not Mine". Choose a different future for yourself, suggests Adidas in a striking new spot from Johannes Leonardo. We don't usually like campaigns that hitch their bandwagon to up-and-coming "creative innovators" but this one does it subtly, preferring to let the pictures do the talking. Featured personalities here include blogger Aleali May, basketball star Iman Shumpert, singer Kyu Steed and artist Design Butler, but most viewers probably won't recognise them. Instead you can just soak up all that super-cool dystopian doom and gloom!

Adbrands Weekly Update 6th Aug 2015: Ads of the Week: "Audience Of One". Pharrell is joined by a selection of five next-generation superstars in the new Adidas spot from Johannes Leonardo. You may not know them now, but you will... (probably). Striking imagery accompanies more new age philosophising about how the way to succeed is to focus on an audience of just one. Good luck with that, guys. It's been a busy week for Adidas: their new football campaign from 72andSunny is also out this week. See it over on our Facebook page.

Adbrands Weekly Update 12th Mar 2015: Adidas appointed MDC Partners' 72andSunny as the new lead global agency for its sport performance division. The shop takes over from Omnicom's 180 (which will remain on the Adidas roster for selected assignments, along with TBWA) and Sid Lee (whose future role is uncertain). WPP's Johannes Leonardo remains global lead for Adidas Originals.

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