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Laird Partners is a creative agency best-known for fashion advertising, and especially for its stewardship of The Gap's ad account from 2002 to 2010. The agency specializes in what it describes as "brand imaging", primarily for fashion products. It was acquired in 2011 by marketing services roll-up MDC Partners

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Adbrands Weekly Update 24th Aug 2016: Ads of the Week "Deep Euphoria". Star of the moment Margot Robbie makes her first appearance in an ad with this steamy campaign for Coty's Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria, from Laird & Partners. If Robbie really has dreams like this she seriously needs to take a pill or something to calm down. And let's hope the interviewer from that recent profile in Vanity Fair (you know, the "Australians are throwback people" feature) doesn't see this - he might literally explode.

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