Marlboro: brand profile

Marlboro is far and away the world's best-known and biggest-selling cigarette, with a huge global presence and total sales now still well in excess of $20bn. Ownership is split primarily between what are now two entirely separate companies: Philip Morris USA and Philip Morris International. Ironically, as the tobacco industry comes under ever more intense regulatory pressure, Marlboro is still going from strength to strength at least in terms of market share. In its home territory, more than four out of every ten cigarettes smoked is a Marlboro, the brand's highest-ever level of market share. That dominance is mirrored to a lesser extent in just about every other territory the brand is marketed, as other cigarettes see brand share erode in favour of Big Red. The reason? Leo Burnett's Marlboro Man and the abiding power of marketing, even in an industry where advertising itself is virtually forbidden. 

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