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Maybelline New York is the world's best-selling mass-market cosmetics brand. The range now comprises an extensive range of facial cosmetics, lipsticks, nail varnishes and applicators and other tools. It has been owned since 1996 by French cosmetics giant L'Oreal, who renamed it as Maybelline New York in 2004 to provide a counterpoint to sister brand L'Oreal Paris. The range is marketed in more than 90 countries around the world. L'Oreal also extended the brand's global footprint by merging it with regional cosmetics brands such as Gemey in France, Jade in Germany, Miss Ylang in Argentina and Colorama of Brazil. For a mass-market cosmetics brand, Maybelline has an unusually high profile in the fashion world. In 2009 it secured rights as the official cosmetics sponsor for New York Fashion Week, and it has expanded that role to 14 other fashion week events around the world. It also maintains a stable of supermodel brand ambassadors, including Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, Josephine Skriver, Emily DiDonato, Herieth Paul, Estelle Chen and Christy Turlington. Trisha Ayyagari is global brand president of Maybelline New York. Globally, the Maybelline brand is aligned within L'Oreal with sister brands Garnier and Essie. Alanna McDonald is president of the Maybelline-Garnier-Essie group in the US. The Maybelline Company was originally founded in Illinois in 1915 by American chemist Thomas L Williams to market what was then the world's first commercially available mascara. According to company legend, Williams' sister Maybel had encouraged him to develop a product she could use to make her eyelashes more prominent. He devised a cake made from a mixture of coal dust and Vaseline petroleum jelly, which could be applied to the eyes with a wet brush.

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