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Microsoft effectively defined the nature of modern computing in the 1990s, though it later lost its crown to Google and Apple. Bill Gates and his colleagues didn't invent computers, the graphical interface or internet browsing. But they came to dominate most users' experience of all three in the 1990s and 2000s. As a result, for several years, Microsoft was the world's most valuable corporation, with a market capitalisation bigger than businesses five times its size by revenues. However, it was also the industry's most hated entity, juggling a string of lawsuits from smaller rivals it had elbowed into oblivion. More recently, peace has broken out at Microsoft. This partly because the company worked hard to rebuild bridges, using part of its huge cash stockpile to settle legal rows with rivals and forge strategic alliances. But just as important was the fact that its role as the big bad giant of the industry was to some extent transferred to new challengers - Google, for a while, and later Facebook. Microsoft has attempted to keep pace with these rivals with a string of high-priced - but often ill-fated - acquisitions including internet advertising giant aQuantive, online phone service Skype, and Nokia mobile phones. Skype continues but Microsoft shuttered its mobile handset business in 2017. Search engine Bing and tablet Surface have also struggled at times to justify their existence, while the Xbox gaming business has proved mercurial, soaring one year, then plunging the next. More recent acquisitions include software developers' portal Github in 2018, gaming studio ZeniMax and speech recognition developer Nuance Communications in 2021, for a combined total of over $35bn. Yet the oldest products are still Microsoft's bread and butter. Despite their age, Windows and Office continue to dominate most PC users' daily activities. The company's biggest acquisition to-date was business-oriented social network LinkedIn in 2016 for a mammoth $27bn. After a slow start, it is gradually beginning to justify its purchase. The new joker in the pack is Microsoft's cloud computing platform Azure. It has quietly come to dominate its market in both revenues and profitability, prompting an unexpected spike in Microsoft's share price. After topping a market valuation of $1 trillion in 2019, it became, just two years later, only the second US company (after Apple) to achieve a market valuation in excess of $2 trillion. The rebirth of Microsoft has been overseen by Satya Nadella, who succeeded Steve Ballmer as CEO in 2014. For the year to June 2021, Microsoft reported record revenues of $168.1bn and best-ever profits of $61.3bn.

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Adbrands Daily Update 28th Jul 2021: Microsoft was one of several tech giants to report record performance for the second quarter of 2021. Alphabet and Apple matched the software giant for best-ever quarterly sales and profits. For Microsoft, the Apr-Jun quarter was also the final one of its latest fiscal year, capping another year of spectacular growth, underpinned primarily by cloud computing and gaming. For the full year, revenues jumped by 18% to $168.1bn while net income surged 38% to $61.3bn. The group's Intelligent Cloud division is now the company's biggest and most profitable business, contributing around 38% of both sales and net income.

Adbrands Daily Update 23rd Jun 2021: Microsoft joined Apple in the double trillionaires club for the first time, as its market cap topped $2 trillion for the first time on Tuesday. Apple is currently worth more than $2.2tn. Microsoft is only the second US company to reach those heights, and one of only three globally. (The third is oil giant Saudi Aramco, though that company is currently trading below its former highs). Amazon and Alphabet are not far behind, with valuations of almost $1.8tn and $1.7tn respectively on Tursday.

Adbrands Daily Update 13th May 2021: The Cannes Lions Festival - which will be virtual this year after last year's cancellation - named Microsoft as recipient of the Creative Marketer of the Year. That's as much a tribute to the global McCann network as it is to Microsoft. More or less all of the company's most acclaimed campaigns over the past decade have been produced by McCann for Xbox. Microsoft follows in the footsteps of previous winners Apple (2019), Google (2018), Burger King (2017), Samsung (2016), Heineken (2015), McDonald's (2014) and Coca-Cola (2013).

Adbrands Daily Update 12th Apr 2021: Microsoft added to its reach with the acquisition of speech recognition specialist Nuance Communications. With a price tag of $16bn plus $3.9bn of assumed debt, the deal is the second biggest to-date agreed by CEO Satya Nadella. Nuance is a pioneer in its field, and supplied the technology for the first version of Apple's Siri system. Voice assistance is a market where Microsoft still lags some way behind Apple, Amazon and Google. However, Nadella envisages Nuance as a stepping stone to developing more sophisticated voice assistant services not for the consumer market but for the healthcare industry. The two companies already collaborate on several projects in this area.

Adbrands Daily Update 26th Mar 2020: Still intent on expanding its footprint in social media, Microsoft has entered exclusive negotations to acquire the messaging platform Discord. Price tag is expected to come in at around $10bn. Now accessed by around 140m users a month, Discord is most widely known within the gaming community as a platform for text, audio and video chatting between players. As such, it would fit neatly alongside Microsoft's Xbox business and might also be expanded to partner the software giant's business social service LinkedIn. The deal, if it materialises, would be Microsoft's biggest since LinkedIn itself, five years ago. [Updated 21st Apr: Those talks later ended without agreement, and Discord is said to be mulling an IPO instead.]

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