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Think cranberries, and you can only be thinking of Ocean Spray, which accounts for an estimated 60% of the world supply of cranberry-derived foods and beverages. It produces a wide variety of beverages, sauces, dried 'craisins' and other products, which it exports to more than 50 countries. Its only significant competitor in cranberry juice is the much smaller Northland brand with whom it has had a long and often fractious rivalry. Ocean Spray distributes most of its products in North America itself. However since 2006 it has entrusted distribution of single-serve juices in the US and Canada to PepsiCo. Internationally, its products are for the most part marketed by local partners, including PepsiCo in some countries and Coca-Cola in others. The business is limited partly by its reliance upon cranberries (although it does also market grapefruit products), but mainly by its complicated corporate structure. It is an agricultural cooperative jointly owned by more than 800 independently minded cranberry growers located across the Northern United States and 40 grapefruit growers in Florida. The Ocean Spray organisation was founded in 1930 by three cranberry growers from Massachusetts, led by Marcus Urann, who had perfected a system for making shelf-stable cranberry sauce. Development of the business was hampered for years by in-fighting between the co-op's members as well as dramatic fluctuations in cranberry prices. It was brought under control in the 2000s by CEO Randy Papadellis, who has announced plans to step down in 2018 after 18 years with the company. He was succeeded by Bobby Chacko, previously president. Revenues are around $2bn a year.

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Who are the competitors of Ocean Spray? Ocean Spray's traditional competitors are rival juice giants Tropicana (owned by PepsiCo) and Minute Maid (owned by Coca-Cola). Its only significant competitor in cranberry juice is much smaller Apple & Eve, which controls the Northland brand. See Non Alcoholic Beverages Sector index for other companies

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Adbrands Social Media 15th Jan 2019: "Act Tiny. Be Mighty". Ocean Spray's long-running comic growers duo finally got dropped last year along with agency Arnold Worldwide. A New Year brings a new start from Energy BBDO in Chicago, and it's a charming tale of family values and social responsibility, real footage overlaid with some cute animation. "We're excited to help build the iconic Ocean Spray brand in a new and authentic way," says Energy BBDO CCO Andres Ordonez. "By visiting the Ocean Spray farms, we got to experience, first-hand, the authentic passion and love that goes into growing these wonderful berries."Key to the brand's underlying message is the fact that Ocean Spray remains a cooperative enterprise, representing the interests of 700 or so independent cranberry (and grapefruit) farmers across America.

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