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Ogilvy Group - the "& Mather" tag has been phased out - is one of the lead marketing networks housed within marketing giant WPP. The agency was originally created in 1948 by British-born advertising legend David Ogilvy, virtually from scratch, and its subsequent success established Ogilvy himself as one of the industry's most influential and recognisable ambassadors. More than two decades after his death, his photograph and words of wisdom still regularly adorn the network's promotional material. The Ogilvy Group now offers an extensive range of marketing services beyond traditional advertising, having established a collection of partner groups including below-the-line network OgilvyOne, healthcare specialist Ogilvy Health, PR agency Ogilvy Public Relations and others. It was in fact arguably the first advertising agency to offer a fully integrated global service, for which it coined the term "360 Degree Brand Stewardship". In keeping with that guiding concept it rebundled almost all of those different satellite units back into the main agency during 2017 to provide a seamless all-round service under a single Ogilvy banner. That consolidated the group's footprint from almost 500 separate offices in 2010 to just 132, spread across 83 countries worldwide. Ogilvy has a strong reputation for account handling, for creativity, and for integrated services, backed up by an extensive global network which has few weak regions. Despite these strengths, it sits in the second tier of global networks by billings, preferring to concentrate its attentions on a relatively compact portfolio of major multinational accounts, and selected regional accounts. In 2004, the group stated that its 20 biggest clients accounted between them for more than half of worldwide revenues. For 2019, Advertising Age estimated combined worldwide revenues from marketing services of $1.76bn. Andy Main succeeded John Seifert as CEO in 2020. Liz Taylor succeeded Piyush Pandey in 2021 as global chief creative officer. Though most specialist marketing subsidiaries were reintegrated into the main agency to create a single offering, a handful of satellites remain, most notably Ogilvy Health. Creative boutique David - named after Ogilvy himself - also sits under the group umbrella, as does The & Partnership outside the UK. However, Geometry, the activation network that evolved from what was previously Ogilvy Action, was absorbed in 2020 into sister network VMLY&R. Industry watcher PRovoke estimated fee income from Ogilvy's PR operations at $337m in 2020, putting it just outside the Top Ten PR agencies globally.

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Adbrands Daily Update 16th Dec 2020: "An Everyday Love Story". Spoiler alert! You'll guess what's coming as soon as I reveal that this superb film from Ogilvy Singapore is for the country's National Crime Prevention Council. Don't let that stop you from watching, though, because the tale itself is so compelling in its own right. Lonely, hard-working Ella meets cute Brandon via an online dating site, and a charming remote romance develops. Does it all end happily ever after? Well what do you think? Sadly, scams like this are increasingly common across Asia, and everywhere else as well. A salutary reminder that, however, streetwise you might think you are, it's still easy to get sucked in to a sophisticated con.

Adbrands Daily Update 12th Oct 2020: "Heat". The new campaign for Perrier from Ogilvy Paris is just fabulous, resurrecting the brand's long-established reputation as a thirst-quencher, this time in a dystopian Western-themed futureworld. What a coup, too, to secure the services of Cary Fukunaga, hot from the 'No Time To Die' shoot, as director. Lots of great little touches as well, from that heat-soaked coitus interruptus to the spat-out screw top. So why, oh why, we ask, after one of the longest hottest summers in recent memory across most of Europe, is this ad making its debut in October just as the weather turns wet and cold and the sweaters come out of the closet. What a missed opportunity!

Adbrands Daily Update 9th Jul 2020: "My Goal: Headphones". We've commented before on the exotic delights of Thai advertising, which customarily offers as standard a quirky blend of overt sentimentality and oddball humour (often with a touch of the grotesque thrown in as the icing on the cake, though not in this case). Ogilvy's office in Bangkok is one of the masters of this form (though the local outpost of Leo Burnett comes a close second). Here's Ogilvy's latest for ME by TMB, a savings app from one of Thailand's biggest banks, in which an ordinary guy indulges in an improbable fantasy about a pair of exorbitantly expensive headphones. There's no subtitled version available as yet but you'll get the idea without any trouble.

Adbrands Daily Update 23rd Jun 2020: Ogilvy named John Seifert's successor as CEO. In a move which coincidentally serves to defuse some of the threat from management consultancies, WPP has appointed Deloitte Digital's US principal Andy Main as the next CEO of Ogilvy. "I was looking for someone who could have respect for Ogilvy's creative business but also someone who could develop a future vision to help transform Ogilvy's clients' businesses," said WPP CEO Mark Read. A Scot by birth, Main has spent more than two decades at Deloitte and led its move into creative marketing in the early 2010s. He will succeed Seifert as CEO at the end of July, but Seifert himself will remain with the agency until the end of year to help with the transition.

Adbrands Daily Update 29th Apr 2020: Ogilvy CEO John Seifert has announced plans to retire after more than four decades with the agency. However he will not depart until a successor has been found. Seifert joined the agency as an intern in 1979 and has been there ever since, rising to CEO five years ago. "I love this company with all my heart and will be forever supportive of its success," he wrote in an all-staff memo issued yesterday. "In a moment like this, I am more committed than ever to our people, our clients, and the Ogilvy brand. I will continue to lead Ogilvy with all my strength until a successor is appointed and a leadership transition is completed sometime in 2021."

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