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Omnicom Group (US)

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Omnicom is the world's second largest marketing services group, controlling an extensive collection of different businesses led by the global advertising networks of BBDO, DDB and TBWA, three agencies with a reputation unequalled within the industry for consistently excellent creative work, and acclaimed US powerhouse Goodby Silverstein. Its main media buying network is OMD, partnered by PHD. The group also controls a vast collection of marketing services companies including PR giants FleishmanHillard and Ketchum, digital and direct marketer Rapp, digital networks Organic and Critical Mass, branding agency Interbrand, activation agencies Integer and The Marketing Arm and health marketer CDM. An early investor in the internet economy, Omnicom learned several tough financial lessons from the 2001 crash, and since then has almost entirely avoided cumbersome and goodwill-heavy acquisitions. Unlike rivals such as WPP, Publicis or Dentsu, it concentrated on merely filling out gaps in its already broad coverage with highly selective purchases of niche players. Despite the lack of any major acquisitions, Omnicom's overall revenues continued to rise steadily, mainly through organic growth. In July 2013, Omnicom announced plans to merge with rival Publicis to create a new global leader in the marketing services industry. That announcement prompted considerable negative comment within the industry, but was cleared by virtually all competition regulators. However, there was growing disagreement between the rival management teams over the structure of a combined entity, as well as difficulty in securing necessary tax arrangements. After nine months of protracted and distracting negotiations, the merger was called off in 2014. Unlike its French partner, Omnicom bounced back from those negotiations rapidly with a string of key account gains. Under long-serving CEO John Wren, Omnicom had by the end of 2019 a reputation as the industry's best-managed and most sure-footed group. Revenues for 2019 were $15.0bn with net income of $415m. That made the sudden turnaround in performance as a result of the Covid crisis all the more unexpected. After years of steady organic growth unmatched by any of its rivals, it reported some of the industry's biggest declines in revenues in Q2 and Q3. Final year revenues came in at $13.2bn, with net income of $945m. There was a solid rebound in 2021 to $14.3bn in revenues and net income of $1.4bn.

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Adbrands Update 20th Jul 2022: Omnicom kicked off the 2Q reporting season with strong results for the latest quarter. Organic growth came in at 11.3%, lifting revenues to almost $3.6bn. Net income was more or less unchanged at $348m. Regional organic growth results were 10.7% for the United States, 12.0% for the United Kingdom, 15.1% for the Euro Markets & Other Europe, 4.7% for Asia Pacific. "Even with this [economic] backdrop, we are continuing to see strong demand for our services, and based on our first-half results, are increasing our organic revenue growth forecast to between 6.5% to 7% for the full year 2022," said CEO John Wren.

Marketer Moves 2nd Jun 2022: New CEO at Omnicom Health Group. See Marketer Moves (members only).

Adbrands Update 16th May 2022: With all results now in, Stagwell delivered the industry's best performance for the quarter with organic growth of 23.6%. Omnicom was the best of the majors at 11.9%, followed by Interpublic at 11.5% and Havas at 11.4%. A little way behind was Publicis (despite its string of account wins) with 10.5%, followed by WPP at 9.5% and then Dentsu with 9.1%.

Adbrands Update 20th Mar 2022: Omnicom's Q1 results showed continuing strong organic growth of 11.9%, well ahead of Publicis, who reported last week. Omnicom's reported net revenues were $3.4bn. All reporting regions showed solid organic growth; most in low double digit percentages except Latin America and Canada which were between 9% and 10%. However, Omnicom took a bigger hit from their Russian write-off than Publicis: a $118m charge against those assets lowered net income for the quarter to $174m. Omnicom's strong organic growth results continued to highlight the disparity between Publicis Groupe's headline-grabbing new business gains and its low-end organic growth. Omnicom has beaten its French rival for organic growth in each of the past four quarters, despite the latter's much-hyped hoovering up of new business over the past year. That reinforces the suspicion that at least one major factor in those account gains is that Publicis is undercutting its rivals on fees. Omnicom's Quarterly Organic Growth since 2016 (subscribers only)

Adbrands Update 10th Mar 2022: Omnicom became the last of the big six marketing groups to exit Russia. The final holding company to make such a declaration, Omnicom has come under increasing pressure from staff and clients to make an announcement. A statement said "We can confirm that Omnicom is withdrawing from Russia and working with local partners to dispose of all of our investment positions. We have been planning an orderly process to ensure continuity of services for clients and to provide a future for our Russian colleagues, some who have been with Omnicom for decades." Omnicom-owned PR agency Ketchum had already announced plans to quit Russia by transferring ownership of its office in Moscow to its founders and minority shareholders.

Adbrands Update 10th Mar 2022: With all financial results now in, Dentsu headed the rankings table by organic growth in Q4 at 14.2%, followed by Interpublic at 11.7%. Stagwell comes next at 11.3% followed by WPP at 10.8%, Omnicom at 9.5% and finally Publicis and Havas both at 9.3%. Most observers might wonder how Publicis - given its seemingly endless catalogue of account gains in recent months - has managed to end up with the industry's lowest organic growth metric for this quarter. The answer can only be that Publicis is gaining billings at the cost of organic revenue growth; in other words, by undercutting rival groups in the fees it charges.

Adbrands Update 9th Feb 2022: Omnicom reported organic growth in the final quarter of 2021 at 9.5%, narrowly above Publicis, which reported last week. Full year organic lift was 10.2%, also ahead of its French rival. Reported revenues of almost $3.9bn lifted the full year total to $14.3bn. Net income of $416m in 4Q contributed to $1.4bn for the full year. Omnicom didn't offer an organic comparison to pre-pandemic 2019, but reported revenues are still down around $1bn annually from the group's 2018 peak of $15.3bn, primarily as a result of the sale of various subsidiaries including German telesales operation Sellbytel. See Quarterly Organic Growth since 2016 (subscribers only)

Marketer Moves 1st November 2021: New group president & COO at Omnicom. See Marketer Moves (members only).

Adbrands Daily Update 20th Oct 2021: Omnicom organic growth for Q3 was narrowly ahead of rival Publicis - 11.5% to the French group's 11.2% - but reported revenues of $3.44bn were still below the equivalent pre-pandemic period in 2019 (when the group reported $3.6bn). That is at least partly the result of some sizeable disposals. Unlike Publicis, Omnicom didn't offer a two-year organic growth metric. Net income for the latest quarter came in at $380m. See Omnicom's Quarterly Organic Growth (subscribers only)

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