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Organic is one of North America's most admired digital services companies, and one of the oldest surviving pioneers of internet marketing. It now sits within Omnicom's Precision Marketing Group (OPMG) along with Proximity and Targetbase. The company provides a full range of digital services. What was once a sizeable global network has been slimmed down to three offices in the US in New York, San Francisco and Detroit. An outpost in Toronto was shuttered in early 2011 following the loss of its main client, Bank of America. A London office closed the following year, and a production facility in Colombia was shuttered in 2018. Advertising Age estimated revenues of $135m for 2019. Until the creation OPMG, Organic had been aligned with BBDO. Founded in San Francisco in 1993 by Jonathan Nelson, it is generally credited with being the first company dedicated to building commercial web sites (for clients including AT&T and Volvo). Among other achievements, it designed the first ever banner ad as well as Yahoo's original logo and user interface. Omnicom acquired a minority stake in the business in 1997, and remained an investor following Organic's IPO in early 2000. The crash which followed left a severe dent in Organic's performance. Omnicom briefly transferred its shares to investor fund Seneca before reacquiring the business in 2003. Performance continued to improve over the course of the rest of that decade. However the resignation of CEO Mark Kingdon in 2007 to join virtual community Second Life was a serious blow, as was the loss of Bank of America four years later. Cathy Butler replaced David Shulman as CEO in 2019, reporting to OPMG chief Luke Taylor. Founder Jonathan Nelson is still connected with the business as CEO of Omnicom Digital, the umbrella entity created in 2009 to coordinate all Omnicom's various interactive interests.

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