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Pantene is the world's best-selling haircare brand, encompassing a huge variety of shampoo, conditioner and styling products, sold in around 100 countries. One of Procter & Gamble's portfolio of billion dollar brands, its worldwide sales were estimated at around $3.8bn for 2013. It is the biggest brand by sales in P&G's beauty portfolio. However following ten years of rapid growth from the mid-1990s, sales began to slow significantly in 2007, especially in the key US market. Fierce competition is largely to blame, but there was also evidence that customers were confused by Pantene's bewildering range of different products. As a result, the brand has undergone several restructurings of its product portfolio as well as a full revamp of logo and packaging. So far, though, these changes have had only a limited effect on its weakening US performance.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 12th Dec 2013: Ads of the Week: Whip It. Just about the last thing you'd expect from a Pantene ad is profundity, but this spot from BBDO Guerrero in the Philippines - of all places - is full of subtle surprises. Forget any preconceptions of models fanning out their shiny locks in slomo - this is actually a head-on assault on gender discrimination in the workplace with frankly only a passing interest in better haircare. Dove had better watch out - this could be the beginning of something very interesting in Pantene's marketing.

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