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P&G Baby, Feminine & Family Care advertising & marketing assignments

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Selected P&G Baby & Family Care advertising

Procter & Gamble's Baby Feminine & Family Care business unit, created in 2013, comprises the group's paper and pulp-based products, including several of its biggest brands, including Pampers, with sales in excess of $7bn, sanitary protection products Always and Tampax (and their regional equivalents including Whisper), as well as as Bounty towels and Charmin toilet tissue in North America. Pampers is the world's biggest-selling diaper brand, and also the #1 brand in P&G's portfolio. It is supported by Luvs diapers and wipes (also Dodot, Prima and others in international markets). In paper products, Bounty dominates the US paper towels sector with 40% market share, while Charmin is one of three closely matched leaders in the US toilet tissue market at around 25% share. The group also markets Puffs facial tissues in the US, although it sits well behind market leader Kleenex and the private label sector in sales. Bounty and Charmin were also marketed in Europe until 2007, when P&G quit the local tissue and towel market altogether, selling its products there to what is now Essity. As a result, while baby and feminine care are both global businesses for P&G, family care operates only in North America. The group also has a 50% equity stake in Swiss Precision Diagnostics which markets home testing kits for pregnancy and cholesterol under brands including Clearblue, as well as the Persona female contraceptive product. Divisional revenues for the year to June 2022 were $19.7bn, or almost 25% of group revenues, making this the #2 division within P&G after fabric & home care. Net earnings were $3.3bn. Broken down by segment, baby care accounted for sales of around $7.8bn in ye 2020, family care for almost $6.4bn and feminine care for almost $4.3bn. Fama Francisco is divisional CEO of baby & feminine care; Mary Lynn Ferguson-McHugh is CEO of family care. See also:

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Who competes with Procter & Gamble? Competitors include Kimberly-Clark, SCA and Georgia-Pacific in paper products; Kimberly-Clark, Energizer Holdings and Essity in sanitary protection See Household Care Sector for other companies

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Adbrands Daily Update 6th Feb 2019: Procter & Gamble is rumoured to have spent as much as $100m to acquire This Is L, a niche manufacturer of condoms and period products made from organic, chemical free materials. Its sanpro pads and tampons are made without pesticides, chlorine, fragrances or dyes; the condoms contain no glycerin, parabens or other "nasties". "This acquisition is a perfect complement to our Always and Tampax portfolio, with its commitment to a shared mission to advocate for girls' confidence and serve more women," said Jennifer Davis, president of P&G Global Feminine Care. "We feel this is a strong union and together we can be a greater force for good."

Adbrands Weekly Update 9th Apr 2015: Ads Of The Week "Naptime". Saatchi & Saatchi New York delivers another set of likeable, well-observed spots for P&G's second-string nappy brand Luvs, contrasting the different attitudes of nervous first-time parents from well-experienced seconders. It's a clever concept, one every twice-plus parent will recognise. Some of the set-ups are funnier than others, but all are warm and true. 

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