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P&G Fabric & Home Care is the business unit within Procter & Gamble which manages the group's substantial portfolio of detergents and household cleaning and care products. It is the parent group single biggest operating division, accounting for a third of global revenues. The figure for year ending June 2022 was $27.6bn, with net earnings of $4.4bn. Fabric care alone accounted for sales of over $15bn and P&G is the global leader in the sector with around 25% market share. It is among the leaders in home care with 20% share. In fact, several of the group's biggest global brands are housed in this division, including detergent megabrands Tide and Ariel, as well as Downy, Dawn and Gain, each of which reports sales of $1bn a year or more. Globally the group manages a variety of other fabric detergent brands such as Daz in the UK, Dash in France and Germany, Lenor conditioner in Europe, Salvo and Rindex in Latin markets and many other local brands. Other dish detergents include Cascade in North America as well as regional brands such as Fairy and Magistral, local giants in Europe and Latin America respectively. P&G entered the global air care segment for the first time in 1998 with the launch of specialist fabric freshener Febreze, and the group strengthened its position with the acquisition of Sara Lee's Ambi-Pur traditional air freshener business in 2009. Other key brands are Ace bleach, general surface cleaner Mr Clean (also known as Monsieur Propre in France, Mr Proper in Germany, and Maestro Limpio in Spanish-speaking markets) and the Swiffer cleaning cloth range. Newer additions to the portfolio include the insecticide range Zevo (launched in 2019) and home sanitiser Microban 24 (launched in 2021). Duracell batteries, acquired as part of Gillette in the late 2000s, were finally sold in 2016. Fabric & home care's divisional CEO Shailesh Jejurikar was appointed as group COO in August 2021. His divisional successor has yet to be named.

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Who competes with Procter & Gamble? Global competitors include Unilever and Henkel in fabric and surface care, as well as Church & Dwight in the US; Kimberly-Clark, SCA and Georgia-Pacific in paper products; Colgate-Palmolive, Reckitt Benckiser and SC Johnson in household cleaning. See Household Care Sector for other companies.

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Recent stories from Adbrands Update:

Adbrands Weekly Update 9th Jul 2019: P&G is widening the rollout of its revolutionary new insecticide Zevo, which has been testing online and in selected US outlets since last year. Not only is this P&G's first entry into a category dominated globally by SC Johnson, but it is also the packaged giant's first completely new launch since Febreze and Swiffer two decades ago. The product is revolutionary because, unlike any existing insecticides, Zevo in spray form uses natural chemicals that only target bugs, and are entirely safe for humans and pets. A separate insect trap product, also sold under the Zevo name, attracts bugs into a sticky cartridge with ultraviolet light. Zevo is the first launch from P&G Ventures, a four-year-old incubator unit designed to test and develop new ideas. In the US, currently the only country where Zevo is being sold, SC Johnson's Raid has almost half the local market.

Adbrands Weekly Update 25th Feb 2016: P&G continued to consolidate marketing irresponsibilities for its various brands along portfolio lines. In the latest such move, it consolidated creative duties for all its various dish detergent products into the Publicis Worldwide network, which already handles Dawn and Cascade in North America. As a result, creative for Fairy dish detergent in Europe (where it is also known as Yes) is also moving to Publicis, from longtime incumbent Grey, along with Magistral, Salvo and other dish washing brands around the globe.

Adbrands Weekly Update 27th Aug 2015: The Russian government stepped up its retaliatory measures against Western manufacturers, in a further escalation of the tit-for-tat exchange of sanctions and counter-sanctions prompted by President Putin's interference in the Ukraine. Following on from its earlier ban on the import of selected foods from the US and Europe, Russia's Consumer Protection Agency has now ordered the removal from sale of laundry detergents and related products made by Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Henkel of Germany and others, claiming they contain toxic materials that may pose a health risk to consumers. The manufacturers in question have kept their counsel following that move, saying only that they are attempting to work with the authorities to resolve the situation.

Adbrands Weekly Update 20th Aug 2015: Ads of the Week "Lovely Skirt". A special award is owed to whichever researcher trawled the archives on behalf of Grey Germany for this new pan-Euro campaign for P&G's Lenor. And also the editor who stitched the results together in such an entertaining fashion. Four separate ads celebrate different items of clothing which can be enhanced by the fabric softener in question. This one for the humble skirt is the best of the collection, with a fine selection of edits and an engaging and unusual voiceover. Is that an Icelandic accent? It's a charmer. For proof of the efficacy of good v/o talent, have a quick look (over on our Facebook page) of one of the other ads, with a considerably less interesting male voice.

Adbrands Weekly Update 19th Mar 2015: P&G's all-conquering Tide laundry detergent has a new competitor in the US. Persil is a familiar brand in Europe, where it is marketed by Unilever (in the UK and France) and by Henkel (in Germany and most other countries). Now, under the name Persil Proclean, it has arrived in the US in an exclusive partnership between Henkel and local retail behemoth Walmart, which is positioning the brand as a premium-priced competitor to Tide. That move is designed at least in part to redress the balance of power between the retailer and P&G, whose products otherwise dominate the laundry sector with as much as 60% market share. By providing a viable alternative, Walmart can regain some negotiating power with P&G over pricing and promotions.

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