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Widely admired for its technical wizardry and stunning design, R/GA is generally considered to be among the foremost agencies working in digital marketing, and is the 4th biggest creative network within Interpublic. It was named as interactive agency of the year by both leading US trade publications in 2006, and digital agency of the decade by Adweek in 2009. More recently, it was AdAge's Agency of the Year for 2014. R/GA remains one of the world's most admired digital specialists. However, it has moved well beyond the confines of traditional web design, and increasingly the company is positioning itself as a full-service ad agency specialising in the interactive field: "The agency for the connected age". 

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Adbrands Social Media 30th Aug 2018: "The First Driver". According to corporate legend, the first person to take the first ever automobile for a drive was not in fact its inventor Karl Benz - later to become the founder of Mercedes-Benz - but his wife Bertha, who took it out for a spin without his knowledge. This year is the 130th anniversary of that surreptitious pleasure-drive, and R/GA is celebrating the milestone with a nice little film. It probably stretches the truth a bit (though the garter detail is apparently true). And those title cards are unnecessary and a tad annoying, even if they are intended to provide an echo of silent-era movies. However, it's a cute reminder that in some areas, female empowerment started early. 

Adbrands Weekly Update 12th Jan 2017: Ads of the Week: "Improv". Nike's new spot featuring NBA star Kyrie Irving and Questlove is a gem, making up for a few disappointing recent campaigns from Wieden & Kennedy. Worryingly for W&K, that may be because this new spot is not by them; it's actually from R/GA, who've been threatening for some time to out-W&K W&K, if you know what we mean, with fine work for Samsung and Beats, among others. (Recognise Questlove? He's best known as leader of Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show house band). Love this.

Adbrands Weekly Update 26th Nov 2015: Ads of the Week: "Turn The Bezel". Not so fast Apple Watch! Samsung fights back with an infectiously upbeat, brilliantly choreographed spot from R/GA for the new Gear S2 watch, in which a large cast of multi-talented synchronised performers impersonate the different functions accessed by turning the bezel. Great music, and that little drummer kid totally rocks! And what a great shopping suggestion just in time for Black Friday, Cyber Sunday, and - yeah, you know - No-Cash-Left Monday.

Adbrands Weekly Update 10th Sep 2015: Ads of the Week: "Mind Blowing". Exploding heads probably aren't the first thing you think of when you're considering your first ad campaign, but R/GA really grasped the nettle in its pitch to new online shopping site Jet.com. The results are surprisingly entertaining, and feature some neat digital wizardry. But would the ad have been anything like as acceptable if the smoke was not purple but red? Now *that* would be an ad of which Quentin Tarantino might be proud...

Adbrands Weekly Update 2nd July 2015: The 2015 Cannes Lions Festival finished off on Saturday night with a big blowout of awards. R/GA was named Agency of the Year for 2015, having amassed 33 Lions for campaigns including its World Cup 2014 campaign for Beats By Dr Dre (four metal awards), Love Has No Labels for the Ad Council (11 metal Lions) and Hammerhead Navigation (eight awards). Grey New York and Ogilvy Brazil came second and third respectively. Droga5 was the biggest-winning independent. Network of the Year was Ogilvy, for the 4th year running, ahead of BBDO and Grey. WPP was Holding Company of the Year for the 5th consecutive year.

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