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R&R Partners is a US advertising and marketing services agency headquartered in Las Vegas, where it has handled the city's enormously successful tourism marketing account for more than 40 years. It created the celebrated "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" ad campaign which established the city as one of the hottest tourist destinations in America. Separately, R&R represents several of the city's casinos and tourist attractions. There are also offices in Austin, Los Angeles, Reno, Denver, Phoenix and Salt Lake City, all of which tend to specialise in work for local government departments and utilities. An office opened in Washington DC in 2006 to handle political lobbying (primarily on on behalf of the Las Vegas casino industry), and absorbed competitor Gallatin Public Affairs in 2009. Internationally, R&R is affiliated with the Worldwide Partners network of independent agencies. Advertising Age estimated combined revenues for R&R of $49m for 2017. The agency was originally established in the mid-1970s by brothers Sig and Ed Rogich (as Rogich & Rogich). Sig Rogich went on to become one of the most influential political consultants of the 1980s and 1990s. He appointed former political campaigner Billy Vassiliadis as the president of R&R in 1984 in order to dedicate himself to running the re-election campaign for Ronald Reagan in 1984. Rogich also managed George Bush Sr's election campaigns in 1988 and 1992, and later served as ambassador to Iceland. He sold R&R to Vassiliadis and a group of partners in 1992. Vassiliadis remains CEO with Michon Martin as president.

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