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Spark Foundry is a secondary media network within Publicis Groupe, formed from the demerger of Mediavest from the old Starcom Mediavest business and its combination with what was previously another separate unit within the wider group, Spark Communications. The Mediavest brand was finally dropped in 2017.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 13th Jul 2017: It's hard to keep up with all the changes at Publicis Groupe, where almost everything has been in a state of continuous flux for three years. It must all be quite confusing for staff to know which company they actually work for (but a great moneyspinner for whoever prints their business cards). The latest development is yet another reinvention of one of the group's second-string media networks. Following on from the break-up of Starcom MediaVest last year, the latter brand was split out and combined with smaller network Spark to form MediaVest Spark. Now it's all change again with the elimination of the MediaVest name and that network's relaunch as Spark Foundry. US CEO Chris Boothe trotted out the usual platitudes about 'evolving our brand' and 'meeting marketplace needs'. "By extending our startup spirit and powerhouse soul across the globe and simplifying our name," he said, "we're sharing the heat that has fuelled our growth for the past five years. This is sure to benefit our clients and talent."

Adbrands Weekly Update 12th Jan 2017: There was proof once again that, in the media buying business, today's joy can quickly turn into tomorrow's misery. Publicis Media's end-of-2016 gains of Fiat Chrysler and a greater share of global Mars were all but obliterated by two beginning-of-2017 losses. American Honda reversed a decision made three years ago to move media for the Honda and Acura brands from indie RPA to what is now MediaVest Spark. That $600m account will now move back to RPA. Meanwhile Starcom will surrender media for Coca-Cola Company in China to a newly created unit of Dentsu Aegis Network, to be baptised Dentsu Coca-Cola Community.

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