State Farm Insurance (US)

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State Farm is America's biggest home and auto insurance group, now with a foothold in general financial services. The company covers approximately one out of every five cars in the US, and close to the same percentage of homes. In the fiercely competitive personal insurance market, State Farm has for many years attempted to differentiate itself from its rivals through a "good neighbour" policy, leaning heavily on its heritage of fair dealing and promoting a spirit of mutual trust between the company and its customers. However, three consecutive years of underwriting losses finally forced it to raise premiums in late 2010 and 2011. That could happen again after a huge rise in payouts in 2016.

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Adbrands Social Media 17th Oct 2018: "Robo-Agent". The latest in Translation's long-running ad series for US insurer State Farm is actually pretty freaky (in a good way of course). This series has evolved somewhat from the days when NBA star Chris Paul had a supposed twin brother who grew up to be a State Farm insurance agent; one just as good with an "assist" as Paul on the court. The twin has left the series, replaced by fellow NBA hero James Harden, and the agent is now portrayed by actor Oscar Nunez. Judging by previous ads in the series, Nunez actually rooms with these guys, offering everyday insurance advice and assistance. Like you'd actually want such a thing every day. But this time there's another "twin" in town, and it's rather more disturbing than the real Oscar Nunez.

Adbrands Social Media 10th Aug 2018: "The Good Life". DDB Chicago and State Farm's other agencies churn out dozens of ads for the auto insurer each year and the results can be a bit hit and miss. As a perfect example, there are two new spots out today. One features a guy fantasising he's a secret agent while he thinks about getting a car loan from State Farm. That's the miss. But this one is a veritable hit, helped by a laugh-out-loud final reveal. Ah, the Good Life! It's never what it's cracked up to be... 

Adbrands Weekly Update 4th Jan 2018: Ads of the Week: "Don't You". A commendable and sobering reminder from insurer State Farm that charity shouldn't just be for Christmas. Homeless Americans just about got through the holidays with help from our seasonal goodwill; but they will still be homeless this month, and still need our assistance. DDB Chicago does a fine job of getting the message across in support of State Farm's community initiative Neighborhood of Good. 

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