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StrawberryFrog has long positioned itself as a forward-thinking alternative to traditional "dinosaur" ad agencies. Originally established in the Netherlands, it relocated to the US in 2008 after a falling-out between its original founders. The Dutch office of StrawberryFrog renamed itself Amsterdam Worldwide and is now an entirely separate company. StrawberryFrog was itself acquired in 2012 by public affairs network APCO. A second Dutch office also broke away in 2013, becoming Nomads. The APCO arrangement never quite gelled and Frog bought itself back in 2017.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 18th May 2017: StrawberryFrog, the agency led by maverick creative leader Scott Goodson, has reacquired the controlling stake acquired five years ago by public affairs agency Apco Worldwide. Goodson and his partner Karin Drakenberg regain full control of the business. No terms were disclosed.

Adbrands Weekly Update 20th Feb 2014: Ads of the Week: "How Will You Make History?" It's always nice to see a brand break a few of the unspoken traditions of its market. Its an angle that Jim Beam has exploited in the past, and the bourbon reinforces its alternative stance with the new campaign from FutureWorks, the international consortium comprising StrawberryFrog NY, Jung von Matt in Germany and Australia's The Works. Not only does this new campaign avoid that "heroic maverick" stereotype so common to spirits advertising, but it picks a strong woman to front its marketing, actress Mila Kunis. The historical vignettes are nicely done too. All round an excellent campaign.

Adbrands Weekly Update 15th Aug 2013: Scott Goodson, founder of creative boutique StrawberryFrog, already has something of a reputation in the industry for a fiery temper, as well as a habit of falling out with business partners. His original partner at StrawberryFrog in the Netherlands cut loose in 2008 and renamed that agency Amsterdam Worldwide. Goodson re-established the StrawberryFrog brand in Amsterdam through a partnership with another agency MediaCatalyst, run by Hans Howarth. Now, though, Goodson and Howarth have also fallen out, with the latter relaunching his shop as a separate business under the name Nomads. More seriously for the remaining StrawberryFrog network, however, Howarth has retained the global Emirates advertising account.

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