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Sunny D - or originally Sunny Delight - is a fruit-flavoured vitamin C-enhanced drink that was for many years owned by Procter & Gamble. Already comparatively well-established in the US by the late 1990s, it experienced a rollercoaster ride after its launch in the UK as "the great taste kids go for". Initially hailed as the most successful new product launch of the decade, sales began to fall after a series of negative press reports about the drink's contents, almost halving over the three years to 2001. P&G relaunched the brand in early 2002 with a revised formula in a (largely unsuccessful) attempt to halt the slide. The product was also forced to alter its marketing in the US after orange-growers protested over what they claimed was misleading marketing. Sunny D was put up for sale in 2003, and was acquired by private equity investors JW Child. Its formulation was altered to reduce additives and boost vitamin content before being relaunched, and Child expanded its portfolio with acquisition of Fruit2O flavoured water and Veryfine juice drink brands from Kraft. In 2016, the business was sold on again to another investment firm, Brynwood Partners, which merged it into Harvest Hill Beverage Company, formed in 2014 from the acquisition of Juicy Juice from Nestle. Sunny D, Veryfine and Fruit2O now sit within the Harvest Hill stable alongside Juicy Juice and other acquired brands such as Little Hug, Nutrament and others. Robert Mortati is CEO. Combined sales are approx $850m, of which Sunny D contributes around half. The brand is available in more than ten different flavours including blue raspberry and watermelon as well as various types of orange. In 2019, there were reports that owner Brynwood has hired advisers to seek a buyer for the business with a valuation of $700m-$800m. Sunny Delight's European operations were sold in 2011 to Suntory's Orangina Schweppes, which still markets the brand in some countries. First created in the early 1960s, Sunny Delight passed through a series of owners before being acquired by P&G in 1989.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 16th Aug 2018: Try to overlook the fact that this ad is for neon-tinged Sunny D because the spot itself is a blast. Agency Terri & Sandy does a fine job trying to rehabilitate the brand - not perhaps the most admired of beverages - with a high octane and joyous campaign that hones in on the target audience of kids, rather than their moms. Because it's true: kids really do love the drink, even if it does turn their skin orange too.

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