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Though it had been used for several years as an umbrella banner for separately branded specialist agencies within Omnicom's DAS Global group of diversified agencies, the TBWA\WorldHealth name was finally established as an agency in its own right in 2016 following the merger of two of these shops, LLNS and Corbett. LLNS - formerly Lyons Lavey Nickel & Swift - was a well-established agency whose original founders were among the pioneers of US healthcare marketing in the 1950s. Corbett was first launched in the 1960s and more recently has been closely associated with Gilead's spectacularly successful hepatitis drugs. Both agencies went through several different incarnations in the 2000s - LLNS spent some time under the name LyonHeart; Corbett was for a while Corbett Accel - before finally merging. In addition to several offices across the US, the agency has a presence in selected key global citioes including London, Paris, Hamburg, Istanbul and Mexico City. Though it retains the TBWA brand, the agency now reports as a unit of Omnicom Health Group. Sharon Callahan is CEO of TBWA\Worldhealth and also chief client officer for OHB. She was named Industry Person of the Year by Med Ad News in 2018. AdAge estimated revenues of $78m in 2017.

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Adbrands Weekly Update 14th Apr 2016: Omnicom consolidated two of its various healthcare marketing agencies, merging LLNS and Corbett to create TBWA\WorldHealth. That will now be the actual agency name rather than an umbrella banner for both shops, as was the case previously. LLNS's Sharon Callahan was named as CEO, with Corbett's Robin Shapiro becoming group president, North America. Callahan is also chief client officer for the wider Omnicom Health Group.

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