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Tribal Worldwide was until recently the standalone digital division of DDB worldwide, but since 2018 has for the most part been integrated into the main global creative network. In several countries the two have merged, either under the banner of DDB Tribal or as plain DDB. Its close working relationship with the main agency makes it one of the biggest digital networks by global footprint, either via its own branded outposts or through DDB. As a result Tribal is one of the comparatively few interactive brands offering a complete worldwide service, and this helped Tribal win a clutch of globe-spanning clients including McDonalds, Pepsi and Philips. In Germany the agency was even named as local lead for traditional advertising as well as digital by communications giant Deutsche Telekom. AdAge estimated global revenues of $202m in 2018, but offered no figures for 2019 now that most outposts have been reassimilated into the main agency. The main DDB network's interactive operations were first consolidated in 1998 when its US offices were rebranded as DDB Digital. However this left a large portfolio of other affiliated businesses worldwide, which had either been acquired by local agencies or spun out of them. In 2000, all of these were united under the umbrella brand Tribal DDB. The DDB tag was later dropped for those units not operating directly alongside the local DDB outpost. Global CEO Paul Gunning left the agency in 2013 to head DDB's Chicago office and was not directly replaced. Instead, the business was coordinated by a triumvirate of regional presidents. In 2018, Richard Guest, previously regional president North America, was appointed as chief digital officer for the DDB network, and the triumvirate structure was eliminated. In 2020, a dedicated healthcare unit was spun out of the main agency in London under the name Tribal Health.

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