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FCB Africa is a star performer within FCB's global network, one of the few international subsidiaries of that agency to feature among the local leaders, and also the cornerstone of a network of affiliated or minority-owned shops spread across 25 other African nations. In South Africa it has full service agencies in each of the country's three main cities. The group is itself 55% owned by a black business empowerment trust, which also operates several other Interpublic agencies in South Africa including McCann - now McCann1886 following its merger with local hot shop 1886 - and Weber Shandwick as well asl loca specialists such as TheMediaShop. The parent entity adopted the new name Nahana Communications Group in 2019 to emphasise its proud African heritage. In 2014, FCB was the second most creatively awarded shop in South Africa after heavyweight Ogilvy, although the loss of longstanding client Vodacom was a serious blow. The agency compensated by poaching rival carrier Cell C from Ogilvy. There are offices in the three main South African centres of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. In 2019, the CT outpost of FCB merged with digital agency HelloComputer to form HelloFCB+. HelloComputer still operates under its own name in Joburg. Brett Morris is group CEO, overseeing FCB's whole network across Africa. He was voted South Africa's most admired agency boss for the second time in three years for 2016 by his peers, and was named Industry Leader of the Year in the AdFocus awards. It was named Agency of the Year in the first Ciclope Creative Awards in 2018. Tseliso Rangaka joined the group as chief creative officer in 2020. FCB is also one of the country's oldest agencies, tracing its roots back to 1926 when Eric Lindsay Smithers founded an eponymous agency in Durban. It was South Africa's biggest ad business for much of the 1950s and 1960s. FCB acquired a minority stake what became Lindsay Smithers-FCB in 1975, gradually taking full control. It withdrew temporarily from South Africa during the 1980s in protest against apartheid, before re-establishing a slender majority stake in what is now a joint venture with local investors and managers.

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